What do you like to put stickers on? Your Hydroflask, your notebook, your car, your face? You can stick these stickers just about anywhere and they don't fade, they don't peel, they don't wash off. They stick and stick and stick forever....well not forever, but we bet they last at least 7 years on your face. This is a pack of 3 stickers chosen by us. We order new stickers weekly and run out daily. Some of these stickers picutured are already gone, but don't sweat it, new ones are on the way! We will mix and match each order. Sometimes you will even get an extra sticker, because that's how we are....

RDM ORE Sticker Pack (3 Stickers)

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    Our inspiration for designs come from things we see in Redmond, Oregon. Travel, camping, hiking, fishing, sasquatch, UFOs, hunting, beer, nature, animals, trees, rivers and the beauty around us. Our shirts are available online and in store at Willow Wild in downtown Redmond, Oregon. We also have exclusive stickers available at Herringbone Books in downtown Redmond, Oregon.