After 1958, woods workers east of the Cascade Mountains began to report seeing creatures and discovering their immense tracks along logging roads. Witnesses observed these Sasquatchs crossing roads at night, traveling fast through forest and mountain terrain. Native Americans in Oregon have increasingly situated Bigfoot within traditional belief systems as beings with deeply rooted cultural significance. The Warm Springs Reservation in Central Oregon, identify Bigfoot as a “stick Indian,” a diverse category of potentially hostile beings who stole salmon or confused people by whistling, causing them to become lost. Sightings and stories continue on reservations today, representing a spiritual connection to the pre-contact past and the resilience of Indigenous cultural heritage.

Sasquatch in Redmond

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Our inspiration for designs come from things we see in Redmond, Oregon. Travel, camping, hiking, fishing, sasquatch, UFOs, hunting, beer, nature, animals, trees, rivers and the beauty around us. Our shirts are available online and in store at Willow Wild in downtown Redmond, Oregon. We also have exclusive stickers available at Herringbone Books in downtown Redmond, Oregon.