Central Oregon Beauty

We truly live in the best place on Earth. Redmond, Oregon. The Sunshine State... Mountains, rivers, hiking trails, trees, beer.... We have it all. Why not celebrate the place we live with what we wear. Shirts are a must, you can't go around topless, well you can, but it's frowned upon. Why not wear a shirt from your hometown? Wear it to Portland and be proud. Wear it to San Diego but don't tell anyone where Central Oregon really is. Just kidding, we love California people... Wear it on the West Coast, wear it on the East Coast, wear it in Texas or in Mexico, you get the idea. Wear your hometown where ever you may go. That should be a song. Maybe not. This site was built by a Redmond Website Design Firm

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Our inspiration for designs come from things we see in Redmond, Oregon. Travel, camping, hiking, fishing, sasquatch, UFOs, hunting, beer, nature, animals, trees, rivers and the beauty around us. Our shirts are available online and in store at Willow Wild in downtown Redmond, Oregon. We also have exclusive stickers available at Herringbone Books in downtown Redmond, Oregon.