Don't you just hate it when you go to a town you love and you can't find any shirts from there? Us too! We decided to take action and run with it. And it's our chance to give back to the community.


We only print 1 style of shirts in various sizes, men, and women at a time. Then after all the shirts in that style are sold, we restock with a new design. And that design might not EVER come back. Yikes! So, if you like it, buy it. 

We are just a couple of Redmond web designers that care about our community and want to see it printed on shirts. If you want to see a design, email us your ideas. 

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Our inspiration for designs come from things we see in Redmond, Oregon. Travel, camping, hiking, fishing, sasquatch, UFOs, hunting, beer, nature, animals, trees, rivers and the beauty around us. Our shirts are available online and in store at Willow Wild in downtown Redmond, Oregon. We also have exclusive stickers available at Herringbone Books in downtown Redmond, Oregon.