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Don't you just hate it when you go to a town you love and you can't find any shirts there? Us too! We decided to take action and run with it. And it's our chance to give back to the communities of Bend, Oregon, and Redmond, Oregon. We love Central Oregon so we wanted to create a unique online store where you can buy Central Oregon-inspired T-shirts, hats, and more!

We truly live in the best place on Earth. Central Oregon is full of mountains, rivers, hiking trails, trees, animals, and beer... we seem to have it all. Why not celebrate the place we live with what we wear? Why not wear a shirt from your home state? Other states are doing it. 

We are just a couple of Central Oregon locals who care about the outdoors and want to see it printed on shirts. If you want to see a design, email us your ideas. 

Central Oregon Shirt Company Bend, Oregon T-Shirts (1).jpg
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